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Tip Top Tottenham Hotspur

Дата добавления в раздел: 04.04.2009
Исполнитель: The Totnamites
Длительность записи: 1:52
Число скачек всех вариантов файла: 1014

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Битрейт файла: 224 kbps.
Размер файла: 2.28 МБайт
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Текст песни:

Tip top Tottenham Hotspur, the greatest team of the year
Tip top Tottenham Hotspur, raise your glasses and give them a cheer
Horray for the double, and let’s live it up
One drink for the league, and another one for the cup

Since eighteen ninety seven, they’ve tried finding a way
Now those Spurs are in heaven, it’s White Hart Lane’s happy day
They’ve made it at Wembley, they’ve climed to the heights
History will honoue those brave Lilywhites

Brown and Baker and Henry, oh what joy they did bring
Mackay and Norman and Danny made those rafters ring
The Jones boy and Dyson on the wings how they flew
With Smith, White and Allen, how they slammed wonder goals through

This great story’s not ending, we’ve still got four more to name
Saul and Matchi and Medwin are all on the role of fame
Just one more tribute, so now let us call
On Mister Bill Nicholson, for making this year the Spurs’ happiest year of all

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