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Shining For England

Дата добавления в раздел: 23.04.2011
Исполнитель: Sons of Camelot
Длительность записи: 3:56
Число скачек всех вариантов файла: 303

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Битрейт файла: 192 kbps.
Размер файла: 5.41 МБайт
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Текст песни:

We're gonna feel the victory that Wembley once knew,
From jumpers to goalposts to dreams coming true
The eyes of a nation
Are shining, shining for you

When we were playing out the back and eating fish and chips
Using jumpers for goalposts, or traffic cones, or bricks
I was always picked the last, I never had the tricks
The flair, the skill, the shot on goal
The headers or the kicks

I'll never play for England but now England plays for me
And every other lad and bird who wants the victory
It doesn't matter that I never joined the england team
Cause when the crowd begins to scream
We'll share the world cup dream

We won't forget the story of Englands victory
And never let the glory become a fading memory
With goals in our souls and lions in our hearts
And passion on the pitch bringing glory from the start

A slide tackle, pass on through, common lads it's up to you
To bring the cup home this time, to cross the line and win this time
The crowd joins in as the lions start to roar
I closed my eyes, there's no suprise
I know we're gonna score

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